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Rottweilers are very German, in their thinking and in how they interpret language or commands. Hence, using german commands is generally more productive than in english. German tends to be more direct, without the condescending, negative sounding tone, common in how everyday english is spoken.

Plotts – lay down
Bleib – stay
Nein – no
Pfoo-ee – bad dog., etc..
with hand signals to add.

When I train a dog to lay down, I say: plotts, while simultaneously pulling my arm in an upward direction with the leash, and if necessary, push their butt down with my other hand.
Its a reverse negative.

Instead of saying, Lay Down!!! while lowering my arm. which, to the dog, may be interpreted as a double negative. Especially in the tone of voice. Its unnecessary and Rottweilers typically don’t like it.

The whole point is to make training as positive an experience as possible for the dog. Success, success….
You want the dog to obey out of a desire to please, rather than out of fear.
When people try to reprimand by raising their hand and smacking the dog, the only thing learned is to fear and avoid your hand. And that’s the opposite of what you want.
Whether in actual training or behavior corrections, I try to keep my attitude and behavior as positive as I can, making my point, without losing the attention and obedience of the dog.
Training should be an enjoyable experience, for human and dog alike.
Building confidence, rather than fear, avoidance and confusion.
In the end, dogs want to please. They only require to know who the pack leader is vs who is subordinate.
And that the pack leader has their best interest.
That’s how trust is won.

Btw, My dad was a world certified, master dog trainer, I am not. But I do have a natural ability to understand and train dogs.
Please take what I say with a grain of salt.

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